Sheffield is talking community cohesion and social integration.

Panoramic view of Sheffield city from the amphitheatre.

Last Friday morning Panni Loh, Development Coordinator for Cohesion Sheffield, took part in a discussion on Social Cohesion and Integration on the Paulette Edwards show on BBC Radio Sheffield. The conversation starts just after 11 a.m. (so one hour into the show) and lasts for an hour. Listen to it here.

BBC Radio Sheffield Paulette Edwards Show

The Sheffield Telegraph and Sheffield Star recently ran some articles discussing  the findings of a wide ranging new report by Sheffield City Council, which has spent the past three years working on a Community Cohesion strategy for the city. Read them here.

Young People Key to Reducing Tensions in Sheffield – The Star

Stop the Siege Mentality in Sheffield Communities Warn Council Chiefs – Sheffield Telegraph

Sheffielders Living in Poverty and Isolation Have a Tougher Life – Sheffield Telegraph

Migration Should be Seen as a Positive Boost to Sheffield Says the Council – The Star

International Events are Worrying Sheffield People – The Star

Asylum Seekers and Refugees Need Better Integration into Sheffield Says Council – Sheffield Telegraph


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