Sheffield Futures Youth Cabinet

The current Sheffield Youth Cabinet young people have been actively involved with local, regional and national work around community integration and civil society.  The Sheffield Youth Cabinet contributed to a regional consultation on Civil Society with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.  This was led by our regional Steering Group representative. Four young people aged 14 to 17, from different areas and cultural backgrounds, travelled to Leeds on 12th May to attend the event. Their contribution and insights were well received, respected and valued. We also have a member of the Sheffield Youth Cabinet who has been actively involved in community cohesion and integration for Refugees and Asylum seekers. “While working on this campaign I encountered a group called SYMAAG (South Yorkshire Migration Asylum Action Group). I was inspired by the work they did in helping refugees to integrate into society and ensuring they were being treated fairly by the government.” The passion and commitment from this young person towards benefiting the community has been evident throughout his dedication over the past four years of being in the Sheffield Youth Cabinet and as Sheffield’s Member of Youth Parliament in 2015.