Sheffield Community Investment Deal (SCID)

This is our working title for the CMF funded project started in December 2017. We have 4 strands of work which each aid integration in different ways. Our work is being evaluated by Salford University.

  1. Street wardens: uniformed officers on the streets working afternoons, evenings and weekends. A mixture of an environmental enforcement officer, a housing officer, a PCSO and a city centre ambassador, these new workers will be the eyes and ears for services, to enforce and educate; to be the person to ask questions of and tell your concerns to.
  2. Community development work: a team of 2 workers and 4 trainees, employed by local community groups. Their role is to support the community with their concerns and help grow ideas and solutions in the community - listening to community concerns, helping people find the right people to tell and get a response for their concern.
  3. Co-ordination: too many services are operating in the same area so messages are confused and people are not sure who does what, or why. We need to ensure services know what each other are doing and why, and who to contact to solve problems.
  4. A more formal and organised welcome: too many messages are given out to people new to the area, we need to simplify and ensure appropriate messages are given out and make it easier for new arrivals, e.g. bin day rules. Receiving correct information from a trusted official on arrival can reduce the likelihood that newly arrived people are exploited.