Sughra Begum

Sughra Begum ELG Profile pic (2)

Director of ESOL, Employability and Foundation Learning, Sheffield College

Sughra Begum has worked for over 30 years in the educational sector, helping people to improve their language, literacy and employment prospects by arranging appropriate courses and training. Her passion throughout her life has been to help the disadvantaged people in our communities, particularly those with disabilities or from a Black and Ethnic Minority background.

In her many charitable roles, she came across the need to work with local women who simply didn’t know how to access services so she set up English language classes in various community and college venues so they could learn and speak for themselves and their families.  Currently, as the chair of the Tassibee organisation in Rotherham, she is involved with awareness raising, empowering and capacity building within communities. As a newly appointed Director of Curriculum at The Sheffield College, she will continue setting up initiatives which would make a difference and transform lives through learning.