Huda Ahmed

Huda Ahmed Profile pic

Core Provision Manager, Sheffield City Council

Huda Ahmed is a Manager within Sheffield City Council’s People’s Portfolio and Chair of Governors at High Hazel Academy’s Nursery and Infant School, in Darnall.  A recent OFSTED rated the school as good and found “that leaders and governors are ‘highly ambitious’ and that the school was ‘improving at a good rate’.”

Huda joined Sheffield City Council on a traineeship scheme in 1989, initially with a placement on the Manor estate. She was the first Yemeni heritage woman to work for the council, gaining a Housing degree and working for 10 years in Housing Services. At that time employing a Yemeni heritage woman was a very important step forward for the Council.  More importantly it made a big difference to Yemeni women and the wider Yemeni community.  Huda was able to demonstrate to the Yemeni community and in particular Yemeni women that she can have a career, be a wife and mother and yet preserve her cultural and religious identity.

Huda recognises the importance for all of a cohesive city, “One way of breaking down barriers is making sure that we give opportunities to everyone to access employment and training that leads to real jobs.  This ultimately leads to greater integration and understanding and a sense of purpose.”