Communicating Difference: Three Dialogues

Panni Loh:Cohesion Sheffield; Jeni Vine: Cohesion Advisory Group; Usma Foundation 4 Peace; Rob Unwin: DECSY; Tariq Bashir: Who is Your Neighbour; Mike Fitter: Cohesion Advisory Group; Mark Robinson: Foundation 4 Peace

We welcome collaboration.

Last week we were pleased to work with colleagues from:
Cohesion Advisory Group
Foundation for Peace
Who is Your Neighbour
Development Education Centre South Yorkshire

Representatives from over 20 organisations had the opportunity to experience three different ways of holding dialogue about challenging subjects. The range of methods covered the use of physical movement to enable an embodied experience, games and verbally addressing issues that some may otherwise avoid discussing. All set safe ground rules and had people both considering new ways of looking at things as well as laughing. A common denominator was often to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and learn more about the experience of those different to you.

As I said on my last blog post we welcome case studies of cohesion group practice and look forward to hearing from those who attended the event. I promised to let everyone know the organisations who attended so that they could keep in touch so here they are: CAG; Groundwork; SOAR; Darnall Well Being; Women’s Hub; Rotherham Council; Sheffield City Council;  Ellesmere Youth; ZEST; Voluntary Action Barnsley; Women for Peace;  Firth Park Library; MESSH; Bridging Difference, Leeds; Sheffield Media; DECSY; WiYN;  Foundation4Peace; Cohesion Sheffield

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