Cohesion Collaboration Seminar

Group image October 2nd 2018

Over 25 organisations from businesses, community, voluntary, faith and statutory organisations booked to attend the seminar yesterday held by Cohesion Sheffield in The Circle on Rockingham Lane. Participants were guided through cohesion developments in Sheffield over the last year, including the cohesion conference, live art event ‘A seat at the table-afternoon tea the Sheffield way’ and case study good practice examples such as  the Festival Debate Hostile Environment seminar, plus hearing about the new Sheffield Community Investment Deal led by Sheffield City Council.

Speaking about collaboration Chapter 4 of the State of Sheffield report now features cohesion and as a collective we also put in a response to the Integrated Communities Green paper.

The highlight of the event was hearing from all of the organisations that attended on the cohesion actions they have planned and what sorts of collaborations they would like to form. There was a round of applause as we heard of the numerous and encouraging activity and plans. There was a buzz of activity as organisations began collaborations formulating how they could work together. Some formed  groups of as many as seven organisations planning to meet as a collective to tackle the knotty issue of how staff can deal with broaching difficult conversations to combat racism, homophobia and gender issues.

The seminar feedback was positive with requests to hold future seminars. It would seem excellent to hold future ones over specific issues affecting Sheffield to see how as a collective we can take action to affect positive change in how we work together and what individual organisations can do.

The seminar continued over a delicious networking lunch provided by not for profit Open Kitchen Social Club which provides opportunities for refugees and asylum seekers and feeds the most needy such as the homeless through funds raised from catering events like this.

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