Cohesion Action Plans

Writing a Cohesion Action Plan (CAP) is promoting inclusive behaviour with and through your workforce and preventing or dealing with conflict in a positive way, both within your organisation and in its interaction with the rest of Sheffield and beyond.   Your CAP locates your business/organisation in the centre of city wide coordinated action making Sheffield a cohesive and economically vibrant city.

You may already be building cohesion within your organisation and have various action points within existing plans and policies that can be referenced e.g. equality and diversity. CAPs set out the following in whatever way works for your business/organisation:

  • Your Cohesion aims and objectives, relating them to the Cohesion Strategic Framework vision and principles.
  • Actions you will take over a specified timescale (initially 12 months recommended) and how will they be monitored.
  • When you will be able to provide feedback on actions, outcomes and learning.

Here are some summaries of organisational Cohesion Action Plans (CAPS).  Please contact Cohesion Sheffield if you would like to know more.

Sheffield Creative Guild is a member led organisation, seeking to support the creative sector and its practitioners in Sheffield to thrive. We aim to encourage creative people of all persuasions from across the city to get together, in a community without walls, tribes or hierarchy: sculptors will connect with graphic designers; artists will meet dancers; animators could collaborate with coders. Joining together in one shining, self-sufficient hubbub of creative energy, of making and doing, giving and taking, learning and teaching.

The Guild is an active, driving force in the city’s creative life, joining people together and raising them up. We want the world to know what the city is made of. Perhaps more importantly, we want the city to know what it has, this rich diversity of world-class talent, on the doorstep.

1.Objective To ensure diverse representation on the board of directors

Key Actions planned 2018 Train new board members recruited in late 2017 and recruit further board members if required

Outcomes A diverse and representative board

2.Objective To reach and recruit members from all parts of the city

Key Actions planned 2018 Awards for All bid to fund marketing to North and East Sheffield

Outcomes An increase in members from a variety of new post codes

3.Objective To enable members from all walks of life to meet and exchange their experiences, creating a more cohesive environment within the city

Key Actions planned 2018 Monthly meet up events and opportunities

Outcomes Increased attendance at events

4.Objective To provide mechanisms at low cost for members to up skill themselves and develop their art forms while meeting new people

Key Actions planned 2018 Launch of a time banking service which enables members to share skills at little financial cost to themselves

Outcomes Increased use of time banking functionality among membership


Sheffield BID – Delivering Change together. In March 2015 eligible businesses within Sheffield City Centre voted to invest collectively to improve their environment through the creation of a Business Improvement District (BID). Sheffield BID has a number of objectives within five core programmes that include: Busier, Together, Easier, Cleaner, Safer. Within these five core programmes are multiple projects, many of which can contribute towards the aspirations of a more cohesive Sheffield.

Objective and Action: The creation of ‘Street Rangers’ to support those in most need of training and development, along with Sheffield BID’s aspiration to create a cleaner City Centre for all. Working with ‘Just Works’ (Cathedral Archer Project) to offer employment and training to those with past addiction and homelessness issues

Outcome: Number of street rangers from Just Works client group increases. Street Rangers become employed as City Centre Ambassadors

Objective and Action:  While key skills and experience are paramount within the board and workforce at BID, we also make every effort to ensure that our board and our work force are both diverse in terms of gender and age, as well as in ethnicity

Outcome: Increase in diversity of BID workforce and Board. Any new hires or new board members, in some way contribute towards increasing diversity over gender, age, or ethnicity

Objective and Action: An advocate for the local economy. BID works to promote the local economy within the BID area. Providing marketing and logistical support to Independent businesses within its remit. Supporting the local economy, means more resource back to the local community, which in turn can improve cohesion in Sheffield

Outcome: The city centre continues to host independent traders who flourish with the help of BID.  BID marketing outputs to include Independent traders within the BID area

Objective and Action: A facilitator, mediator and enabler for private landlords and tenants to communicate effectively in order to ensure mutual benefit within the BID area. Plan to hold a meeting where all landlords in the BID area can meet to discuss mutual issues

Outcome:  Placing BID as a neutral partner at the centre of any disputes or developments

John Lewis Partnership, Sheffield Branch, Barkers Pool

‘Bring Yourself to Work Week’ focuses on Partner well-being and mental health awareness.

It involves open conversations and signposting Partners to support services such as Partner Support and Health Services. The measure of success is evidenced by scoring for ‘Partner Voice Survey’ questions:

“I am treated with fairness and respect”

“I am comfortable being myself at work”

“I contribute to the happiness and well being of those I work with”

All Partners involved in assessments to attend ‘facing into bias’ workshop. This leads to increased understanding of unconscious bias across the branch and the measure of success is a diverse mix of partners.

Supported Internship; continue to work with Sheffield College and Job Coach to support another cohort of students in 2017/2018 by providing meaningful and worthwhile placements for students with learning and/or physical disabilities to gain new skills and confidence. Students to work independently and gain confidence in applying for meaningful work

Our Cultures is helping people from different countries to understand each other better through visual communication and cross-cultural interactions. Our Cultures is stimulating and encouraging cultural dialogues, mutual understanding, social inclusion and social integration among the majority and minority ethnic communities. We are working in partnership with other organisations to seek solutions to barriers and problems encountered by minority ethnic communities.

1.Objective Increase understanding of the host society by people settling from other countries

Key actions Guided walks in the Peak District with insights into British history and culture, workshops and classes

Outcomes Better understanding of British culture, increased social cohesion and collaboration between different cultures and communities

KPI/How will you know it has been successful? Questionnaire answered by people attending events, the number of collaborative projects between diverse Sheffield communities

2.Objective Increase understanding of the various cultures living in Sheffield by the host society

Key actions  Film/documentary screenings, public debates, workshops, classes

Outcomes Better understanding of the various cultures living in Sheffield, increased social cohesion and collaboration between different cultures and communities

KPI/How will you know it has been successful? Questionnaire answered by the people attending events, the number of collaborative projects between diverse Sheffield communities

3.Objective Inform public and professionals about the traumatic journey of Roma throughout the centuries

Key actions  Exhibition ‘The Roma’ (sketch, picture, painting, photo, exhibition)

Outcomes Better understanding of the Roma culture and its history by the majority and Roma themselves, less frustration experienced by the general public and professionals who encountered possible conflicts, better support of the community by organisations working with the community

KPI/How will you know it has been successful? Public engagement, increased understanding of the Roma culture, positive media exposure, raised awareness

4.Objective Participation of the Roma ethnic minority on the exhibition ‘The Roma’ in order to establish a collaborative relationship between the Slovak Roma community and its leaders and Our Cultures and other organisations / institutions involved

Key actions  Contact local groups and existing contacts

Outcomes Established a good relationship between the Slovak Roma community and its leaders and other organisations / institutions involved

KPI/How will you know it has been successful? Successful exhibition, public engagement, positive media publicity, future collaboration

An independent Sheffield optician with ethical pricing and specs assembled in Sheffield. Love helping people see well and look good.

Action 1. Raising the issue of the inequality in eye care provision as part of Festival of Debate

Outcome. Engaging public in debate about impact of inequality on cohesion

Action 2. Offering non-binary eye wear. Continue displaying frames with no gender signage or staff signposting to gender

Outcome. Comfortable experience for non-binary community

Action 3. Raising awareness of a preventative approach to eye care. Continued use of longer than industry standard eye exam appointments. This empowers patients to take action to best look after their sight over a lifetime, through the use of high-tech equipment/imagery and personalized to individuals

Outcome. Better informed public about eye health and reduced avoidable sight loss

RUBIC is a multi-partner project involving Chilypep (lead partner), City of Sanctuary Sheffield, MESH Community Cohesion Services and Who Is Your Neighbour? all working in partnership with Parkwood Academy in north Sheffield.  It is funded for 3 years from April 2017 by the Big Lottery (Reaching Communities).


To develop more cohesive and resilient communities by working in the school and its neighbouring communities.

Key activities

  • Delivery of Safe space dialogue sessions involving intra and inter community conversations
  • Delivery of accredited embedded community mediators programmes
  • Support community mediators to become community guardians, including a mapping of community dynamics and tensions in the neighbourhoods
  • Recruit for and run two peer support groups, for 10 to 15 newly arrived young people per group, meeting fortnightly, involving social support and discussions
  • Deliver awareness raising workshops for children and young people
  • Delivery of Young Community Leaders courses involving accredited training sessions and discussion and support them to engage in cohesion activity

Inova Consultancy is a small business which specialises in providing consultancy services and project work in the field of gender and personal and professional development. Inova has specialist experience in running workshops, training courses and mentoring programmes aimed at supporting individuals to build confidence and soft skills.

Continue to develop an international and diverse team; Work on new projects each year which support inclusion in our community and across Europe by looking at where the gaps are and identifying community groups which need most support.

Provide employment/enterprise training to vulnerable women in Sheffield and around Europe through the EMPOWER programme.

EMPOWER OTHERS: Equip Support Workers with the soft skills necessary to pass onto vulnerable women in order to improve their employability opportunities

EMPOWER YOURSELF: Equip vulnerable women with confidence and resilience to succeed economically

Promote community initiative and the ‘sharing economy’ in the local area and around Europe through the CREATUSE programme. This project has been set up to improve Adult Learning (A.L.) and to enable adults, particularly low-skilled and older workers, to improve their ability to adapt to changes in the labour market and society. It aims to teach about the benefits of ‘Sharing Economy’ or ‘Sharing and Collaborative Consumption’.

Support highly skilled migrants in Sheffield and across Europe to develop employability skills or set up their own business through the MIGRAPRENEURS project. This project aims to increase migrant employment, as well as increasing migrant’s entrepreneurship and social networks.

Heeley City Farm identifies, confronts and addresses the problems of poverty, inequality, prejudice and lack of opportunity in our inner city community by supporting and promoting community regeneration and self help within environmentally friendly and self-sustaining systems, using the background of a mini farm, community gardens and related resources.

Cohesion Actions: What will we do?


  • We will seek to put on events which are interesting, inclusive and open to all
  • We will work to ensure staff are better informed about how to challenge prejudicial behaviour and attitudes
  • We will maintain our Safe Places status and build on the success of the Safe Places network in Sheffield

Reflecting the community we serve

  • We will analyse our client base to ensure we target our services appropriately
  • We will try to recruit more males to our health & wellbeing programmes

Staff awareness & training

  • We will include cohesion as part of the staff, volunteer and trustee induction programme
  • We will work to ensure staff are better informed& empowered about how to challenge prejudicial behaviour and attitudes

Mixing it up

  • We will arrange opportunities for volunteers to engage across our many satellite local food-growing sites – Norfolk Park, Wortley Hall, Firth Park, Meersbrook, Dovercourt etc
  • We will work closely with allthe People Keeping Well community partnerships in South Sheffield
  • We will look to arrange mutual support systems with other community organisations in the South of Sheffield
  • We will deliver more activity sessions on different cultures led by volunteers
  • We will match up some of our youth groups with older people’s groups (inc. Dementia Support Group) and cross-promote social prescribing activity

Joining it up

  • We will work with other organisations with similar aims on the planning of events and festivals: e.g. Autumn Fayre, Heeley Festival, Apple & Pear Day at Wortley, other seasonal &equality and diversity events to celebrate diversity
  • We work with partners to identify opportunities for dual promotion, particularly sectors of the community that would not normally come into contact with each other. The community partnerships create more scope for this

Getting it out there

  • We will collate stories and photographs that demonstrate the diversity of the area and include them as part of our marketing via social media, website, leaflets, reports etc
  • We will support other local groups and build cohesion into our approach to community development


Opus Independents is a not-for-profit, independent organisation working in culture, politics and the arts, encouraging and supporting participation, activism and creativity through mediums including in print, online and live events. Currently our main strands are Now Then Magazine and the Now Then Discounts App, Opus Distribution, Wordlife and bespoke commissioned projects like Writing Sheffield and Festival of Debate.

To create an advisory board for the company operating at a strategic level, to include people from a greater variety of backgrounds, experiences, skills and ethnicities.

To maintain company policy of equal pay within Opus Independents. Pay everyone the same hourly rate, increasing in line with actual living wage year on year.

Run workshops in areas of high deprivation encouraging members of the community to write for Now Then Magazine. New writers submit articles which illustrate the diversity of experience in Sheffield, enabling readers to better empathise with the ‘other’. A greater empathy with the ‘other’ is one of the first steps in achieving social cohesion.

Run workshops in areas of high deprivation, encouraging members of the community to contribute events to Festival of Debate. Events in differing communities are facilitated and well attended enabling a more diverse programme within the Festival, covering a wider range of issues, which enables people a deeper perception of the ‘other’ experiences.

Develop and deliver a city wide arts programme focused on inspiring empathy and critical thinking in audiences and participants alike. This programme will be supported by a team of researchers who aim to discover what kinds of activities lead to an experience of empathy and critical thinking in audiences as well as participants.

Develop and deliver the Fact Totem project, designed to promote local economic growth and support the third sector through the donation of outdoor advertising space.

The Cohesion Advisory Group (CAG) is a resource rooted in faith and community experience, initially drawn from Sheffield Faiths Forum and Sheffield BME network.  We assist Sheffield City Council and partners in their approach to community cohesion. CAG brings together diverse voices to learn from each other and to act as a sounding board and critical friend to partners.

Action 1. Establish relationships with organisations/individuals driving cohesion work in six localities in Sheffield with a view to engaging them in cohesion activities, encouraging them to write action plans and becoming involved in cohesion-building networks

Outcome. Identify and share good practice and learning; Influence key players across the city

Action 2. Organise creative day to build cohesion in liaison with local agencies/individuals. …establish relationships with people who may become cohesion advisors to support the project in meeting its objectives

Outcome. Community organisations supported to develop and deliver cohesion action plans

Action 3. Hold facilitated learning events around Sheffield. Six events in first year attracting an average of 30 participants in different localities, in years two and three extending to surrounding towns in South Yorkshire

Outcome. Shared understanding of community dynamics, clarity and capability on locally led work that are still required. Analysis of what helps, what are the barriers, how to remove them

Action 4. Conversations to gain deeper understanding of usefulness of engagement of cohesion advisors

Outcome. Community members more confident in dealing with challenging situations