Cities of Migration

Cities of Migration is an excellent website if you are interested in migration, its impact on cities – and how to create more inclusive, integrated, cohesive cities.

Articles in the June ezine (bi-monthly newsletter) include:


Sarah Spencer writes on ‘Inclusion of Migrants with Irregular Status’. She opens up this particularly challenging policy area – the costs of social and economic exclusion and the benefits to cities of inclusion. The experiences of Barcelona and Utrecht demonstrate that the role of civil society organisations combined with political recognition are important.

An article by Ratna Omidvar, Independent Senator for Ontario, The Senate of Canada entitled ‘Getting Up Close with Migration’ shares experiences of her own migration journeys and experiences of Canada where immigration and ‘who we are’ are part of the national conversation’. “Those of you who know the famous three words in the American constitution which are Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness may also want to know the corresponding three words in ours which are peace, order and good governance. These three words describe our national character the best. So the Americans send people to the moon, whilst we have public health care.”

Sana Mustafa in an article entitled ‘Nothing about us without us’ challenges organisations and communities that aspire to work inclusively with refugees to ‘move beyond tokenistic inclusion of refugee stories’ – major attitudinal and institutional shift are required if host communities really want to rise to the inclusive challenge.

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