The New Beginnings Project

The New Beginnings project welcomes refugees and asylum seekers to Sheffield, supports them to integrate and empowers them to access opportunities that improve well-being and increase independence.  Their primary work is to assist individuals in access to education, training (including ESOL), volunteering, employment and mentoring and social activities

We do this by developing relationships of trusts with our clients, where we trust them first which builds trust in us. This is an intentional approach to combat the impact of the disbelief and suspicion that often comes as a result of living in a ‘hostile environment’ created through the asylum process.

Our 1-1 support coaches people through the personal barriers (language, confidence,) and the structural barriers (unfamiliar systems, processes) to enable them to access opportunities and help them to develop.

We work closely with organisations involving volunteers, employers and training providers to help them to understand the needs and barriers that refugees have and support them to involve refugees in a way that is mutually beneficial.

Core to everything we do is our approach to cohesion. This happens through our project because people who would never normally meet, find themselves collaborating side by side to achieve a common goal. This enables different people to view one another as colleagues, collaborators and fellow humans rather than other, different and threatening.

New Beginnings Impact Report