Abbeydale ‘Dark Nights’ Partnership

Following exceptional levels of anti-social behaviour and disorder during the period leading up to 5th November 2015, agencies, community organisations, elected officials and concerned members of the local community came together under the banner of the Abbeydale Stakeholders.  They formulated and delivered an extensive action plan to improve the situation over 2016. Working together, the Abbeydale Stakeholders Partnership achieved not only significant reductions in anti-social behaviour over the period, but also reduced incidents to zero on November 5th, consistently the most resource intensive evening over Dark Nights.

Over the period 23rd October to 7th November 2016 there was a 23% reduction in anti-social behaviour (-26 incidents) in the area. Furthermore, there was a 60% reduction in firework related ASB (-21 incidents). There were no incidents recorded in either category on 5th November. Clearly this is a significant result and is testament to the determination of all involved. Going forward, this success puts the Stakeholders in a much stronger position in terms of developing work in the area. Certainly this is not the end of the story and there is more graft required to capitalise in the short-term, particularly in relation to widening the scope and impact of community events in future.

“There is a feeling that we are no longer working from a deficit in the area, but we need to maintain the ground by working in partnership and on the positive relationships we’ve built up over the last year.” 

Jim Steinke, resident and Friend of Mount Pleasant Park

“The collaboration and team work developed by the stakeholder group and its partners is perhaps the most significant contribution to success… there was a strong sense that we were all in it this together.  The importance of the development work over many months was acknowledged as essential to success and a building block for further development in subsequent years.”

Mike Fitter, Mediation Sheffield

Abbeydale Corridor