Panoramic view of Sheffield city from the amphitheatre.

About us

The Vision: Making our city a place where everyone feels welcome and valued, in a community where everyone is treated with dignity & respect.

The Context: Austerity cuts to public services, increased migration, the threat of terrorism and a rise in hate crime. High levels of migration at the same time as severe austerity measures have put a great deal of pressure on some parts of Sheffield.

What do we mean by cohesion in Sheffield?

A cohesive city works toward the well being of all its members. This requires building good relationships with neighbours and promoting trust between communities across the city. We recognize that good relations require a commitment to equality and justice. We regard economic opportunity and wellbeing as essential conditions for cohesion.

Why cohesion?

We all benefit, not just particular social groups. Social cohesion creates a safe and resilient city for all. It’s good for the economic prosperity of the city, its people and its businesses.

What factors impact on cohesion?

We have two underlying principles:

“Cohesion is not threatened by diversity, it is threatened by deprivation” (Ratcliffe & Newman, 2011)

To look at how we do everything through a cohesion lens. How can we be more inclusive and not unintentionally undermine cohesion?

Who do we work with?

We work across the city with all sectors, and are keen to improve attitudes towards marginalised and stigmatised groups. We encourage young leaders to take citywide cohesion to the next stage.

How are we funded?

We are funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation on a Test and Explore Grant. We also have funding from Sheffield City Council.